Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whitey Was a Prophet: McCarver's Outstayed His Usefulness

Few athletes were as well received in Philadelphia as Ritchie Ashburn.

Conversely, I personally loath Tim McCarver more than any other personality broadcasting today. While Joe Morgan and others garner a lot of guff, McCarver, more than any other announcer, has continually irked me for years .

McCarver, who is broadcasting today's Phillies/Mets game on Fox, as he likes to do, loves self-promotion. While he is a wealth of baseball knowledge, as he should be having been married to the sport for what seems like a half a century, his smugness offsets any interesting tidbit he might spew.

Needless to say, he has outstayed his welcome.

McCarver, of course, because he is broadcasting a Phillies/Mets game in Philly, has to try to appear himself to be a real "homeboy" and associate himself with the beloved Ashburn (who coincidentally played for both squads).

However, when Fox aired the clip of McCarver and Ashburn broadcasting the 1980 NLCS, I couldn't help but snicker at Whitey's not-so-subtle jab at McCarver:

" had a great career. Too bad you didn't realize it was over a couple years sooner."

Classic Ashburn.

Maybe McCarver should that heed and think about his broadcasting career in the same light.

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