Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big Brown has Bowel Movement: Sends rippels throughout the racing community

At 6:03 p.m., the anointed triple-crown winner Big Brown dispersed of a large bowel
movement that created quite a stir in the paddock.

The natural fertilizer had a firm consistency with traces of oats and carrots.

"Next to my kid being born, I have never seen something so amazing" said eye witness Craig Nolan. "I have been on my share of hay rides and I have never seen a horse dominate like that."

Expert scatologist, Blake Tripplehorn III, remarked after seeing pictures of the event, "from what I have seen, I don't see how anyone can beat Big Brown next weekend with that display."
Tripplehorn received an honorary degree in Scatology from an off campus program at The Ohio State University

The scat was unable to be sent to the lab for further testing because onlookers jumped the gate to snatch up the droppings for a fresh souvenier. Even trainer Rick Dutrow was unable to get a piece for his collection as he was preoccupied by a fan's video camera that he mistook for a TV crew.

The bowel movement adds to a busy week for Big Brown who already jogged on the race track on Tuesday and stood through a, what will sure be a grounbreaking, piece by Kenny Mayne.

The final leg of the triple crown will still be held on June 7.

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