Monday, May 19, 2008

Gather Around, Ignorant Women

Your man has forgotten more about football then you'll ever know. Now he wants to insult you even more by "borrowing" $85 from you to send you on a one-day, 5-hour cram session (as if you care), thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you do well, he might even get you one of these...

The Eagles have created a new, unique fan experience designed specifically for women called the Eagles Academy.

The Eagles Academy offers you a chance to enhance your football knowledge, meet some Eagles players and coaches, and enjoy a great time with fellow female Eagles' fans. This half-day event will be held at the team's NovaCare Complex where you will break down the x's and o's of football in a classroom environment, as well as have the opportunity to put your knowledge to the test with an interactive, on-field skills portion.
H/T Philadelphia Will Do

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Brad James said...

Even though, I'm the resident football expert in my family, my mom and some of my sisters have an adept command of many basic concepts of the game. Perhaps I should frequent these meetings to find a sexy black-haired woman witha desire to learn more. If she becomes my wife, I'd be more than happy to dispense my knowledge. The NFL is wise to do this as they know that women possess significant monetary resources which can promulgate the league for many years to come.