Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Punch in the Preakness

The Kentucky Derby showed us that Big Brown is all balls. He has balls upon balls.

Every indication is that Big Brown is going to run away with the Preakness as well. You would need brass ones to bet against him.

Well sports fans, I cause sparks when I walk.
(AC/DC would bet against Big Brown and would dig this post)
The conundrum that is upon us is that Big Brown has 1-2 odds and expected to go down to 1-10. What’s the point of betting on him?

I was at the Preakness when Barbaro went down. It seems like these horses are dropping as frequent as newborn testicles. You might as well try and make some money on an underdog and a freak accident.

Here is a pair to watch:

Giant Moon and Big Brown could vie for the lead and gas each other allowing Gayego to sashay for the win.

Big Brown and Gayego could dominate each other allowing Tres Borrachos to stalk a position and run the race of his life.In the end, if you want to make any money, you are going to need to play the exotics. The smart money would be to do a trifecta wheel with Big Brown on top and throw Gayego and another in the 2 shoot with a closer like Yankee Bravo or Racecar Rhapsody in the 3 spot. Sadly, even an exacta won’t pay well with a 1-10 odd horse.

Remember kids, vices create character, go gamble.

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