Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tennis Anyone? Another College Athlete Vying for a Shot at Love

Scott Dickert via

We'll admit, A Shot At Love II is an absolute trainwreck. One that we just can't turn away from.

First we noted that contestant Bo Kunkle from Ohio was a high school football coach. He proceeded to get headbutted and snuck in the jaw.

We since decided to pull for fellow Garden Stater and former college softball standout/coach Lisa Rizzo. Rizzo then went on to call Tila "fake." While this is probably dead-on accurate, she may have punched her ticket out of the house.

So today we look at another former athlete/coach vying for a shot at Tila's love.

A few weeks back, the Green Bay Press Gazette alluded that contestant "Scotty" is likely Scott Dickert, a former University of Wisconsin-Green Bay tennis player.

Dickert is listed on the UWGB Tennis website as a Student Assistant to the team.

While "Dickert has no comment on whether or not that's him on the show," the resemblance is remarkable.

Regardless, we're still pulling for Rizzo.

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