Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who's Fooling Who?

I haven't followed the whole Bill Simmons/ESPN story very closely - because frankly, it doesn't interest me.

However, it seems many of you have.

Today, I brushed up at The Big Lead and saw this...
And how’s this for timing: Simmons says he’s going to be writing less for ESPN, and a day later, he posts what appears to be a 15,000 word story on his blog. We have no clue as to the backstory here, but the reader who directed us to it says that Simmons has said there was reader interest in the piece (which is from 1996), and it never got published. Looks to us like a, ‘I can write, dammit!’ piece. It sort of makes us want to rummage around our computer for this piece we did on John McEnroe being an asshole to us about seven years ago that never got published by the last newspaper we were at …
I figured it's something worth keeping an eye on. So I went to put it in my Google Reader and noticed that there was no RSS button in the address bar which is common with Blogspot.

So when I manually entered it into my Reader, I was directed to another blog/message board.

I won't ruin the fun, but try it for yourself.

So the questions are:

1. Is the blog legit (ie it is in fact Bill Simmons)
2. Is Bill Simmons a SOSH?
3. Is the joke on us?

Someone track down House and June Bug or whatever the hell their names are and get me some answers.

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