Tuesday, June 17, 2008


HHR's resident redneck is back...!


Ladies and gentlemen, the winless streak is over. After 76 races and some great pit strategy, Dale Jr has won a points race. Ole Rusty's going to just bask in the glory!

Now, you might have heard there was some controversy to the win. Matt "the robot" Kenseth, and the redhead from North Carolina (i won't name him for reasons that will be obvious in just a moment) can whine all they want, but the fact is that when the race ended, Junior was #1, fair and square.

Kenseth, Vickers Question How End of Race Played Out

They should both take a cue from Junior. No matter what has happened over the previous two years, he's not whined. When the shrub wrecked him at Richmond mere laps from victory, Dale Jr. didn't whine. He didn't blame the shrub. He made a joke and said his team would be back again. When the redhead from NC wrecked him (and his teammate) to get his ONLY Cup win down in 'Dega, Junior didn't complain. He just said that's racing, and it was.

This time, Tony Jr. made a little gamble and it paid off for Junior, and a few people are fussing. SHUT-UP!!!! Let him enjoy his win, but know it won't be the last! As Hammond so eloquently puts it, the pressure is off now. Jr's been running consistently with great equipment at HMS. He's got the win under his belt and more should be quick to follow. Daytona's just around the corner . . . oh boy!!!

Michigan is Only One Step for JR.

Author's Note: Ole Rusty's been busy creating a NASCAR lover's man cave in his new house, so he's been a bit out of the blog loop, but don't worry he's back now! Tune in Thursday for the weekly fantasy picks for the first road course (yawn) of the year.


retsyn said...

i'm not a huge follower, can't say i'd ever watched a race before this years daytona... but the instances you mention are jr NOT whining over misfortune. kenseth and vickers are complaining about rules violations... there's a huge, blatant difference.

and again, inexperience aside, my take is that jr whined his way right out of DEI and in to HMS because step-mommy wouldn't give him enough of the company...

Pro-Hat Party said...

you have to understand, the author of this post complains about the refs more than anyone i have ever met in my life.