Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mad Money at Belmont

The cocksure trainer Rick Dutrow inspired me to consult my inner cocksman for this post that wants to make you some mad money, enter Jim Cramer.

I just want to make you money, because my job is not just to entertain you, but to educate you.

All indications are that Big Brown will ring the register, but Big Brown is the General Electric of horse racing. You’re going to get good results, but you are not going to make big money. This pony is cashed out. Too many people are going to be backing up the truck on him, rendering his payback a mere pittance.

Big Brown needs to watch out for the competition gaining market share. Why wouldn’t other skee-daddy owners, trainers or jockeys not pinch him to gobble up the profits? The owners have a lot to lose to let a Triple Crown stud steal the prime mares. Plus, they aren’t going to allow the Wall Street playboy owners of Big Brown have a three bagger on their Initial Public Offering.

A look at the competition shows that trainer Nick Zito may be hedging his bets, betting short and long. He has the small cap prospect in Da’ Tara that could hit early and a blue chip with Anak Nakal. Either Zito can steal the race or wear out Big Brown with Da’ Tara or close with Anak Nakal.

However, there a better members of the Dow out there than Anak Nakal. The race is stacked with value that could pay big money should they have surprise results.

Am I diversified: (good for a trifecta bet) Big Brown, Denis of Cork, Casino Drive and Tale of Ekati – I bless this portfolio

Icabad Crane, Guadalcanal, Anak Nakal, and Ready’s Echo – *Flatline Sound Effect*

Lightning Round: *Horse Race Sound effect*

Big Brown: Ring the Register – no money to be made.
Guadalcanal: SELL! SELL! SELL!
Macho Again: I have one thumb up here
Denis of Cork: Boo-Yah! Plenty of upside
Casino Drive: BUY! BUY! BUY!
Da’ Tara: May be worth paying attention too
Tale of Ekati: Strong performer, build a position
Anak Nakal: Rather see you in Tale of Ekati or Denis of Cork
Ready’s Echo: *Person crashing out of the window sound*
Icabad Crane: House of Pain

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