Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Infineon

Make no mistake about it, road course racing, especially at Infineon is a yawn fest. Now, there are many folks out there who joke about turning left and the excitement of multiple turns in opposite directions, s curves, etc. The truth of the matter, though, is that the racing at Infineon is just not as exciting as the standard ovals as far as Rusty is concerned.

The passing is minimal. Passing in multiple grooves all over the racetrack is what makes stock cars superior to other forms of automobile racing. The reason I cannot stomach IRL or Formula 1 is because I cannot stand to watch cars go single file for hours on end going through turns at 30 mph. Passing 2 competitors in a turn at nearly 170 mph, that's excitement. The ability to bump those cars while passing just adds to it. Infineon gives me none of this. That being said, it is what is is, so here's a few predictions.

Jeff and Tony are due to win. They are both winless so far and in need of one . . . badly. Both drivers run well at Infineon, so look for both of them to contend for the win. Rusty will stick with team loyalty, though, and pick Jeff.

The B list driver is a cinch, Juan Pablo Montoya. JPM got the only win of his career last year at Infineon, and he's surely strong enough to repeat.

The C list pick is a real crap shoot. The C list is full of the road course ringers who come out of the woodwork for Infineon and the Glen (Said, Pruett, Fellows, Ambrose). Knowing that with Rusty's luck, this'll finally be the time ole Boris wins, I'm going to pick against him and go with Hornish. Hornish has been running pretty well on the ovals, although he doesn't seem to be able to finish. He seems to be learning how to handle a stock car and should do very well with one on his old faithful road course.

So, if you like road courses, then this is your week. If you're like Rusty and prefer the typical stock car oval where "rubbin's racin", go outside and enjoy a nice Sunday.

Y'all come back now, hear?

A List
- J Gordon (24)
B List
- J.P. Montoya (42)
C List
- S Hornish Jr. (77)

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