Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ending a sports bromance

I own a New York Giants Jeremy Shockey jersey. I bought it after his rookie year. I knew at the time he wouldn't end his career in a Giants uniform. Some players you just know will wear out their welcome, especially when the New York media starts digging, poking and proding.

The trade yesterday didn't shock me and it's much too soon to make a decision on the deal. Was it robbery or did the Giants just deal him to get rid of his attitude (real or percieved) in the locker room and huddle. Not sure. What I do know is Eli Manning progressed into a solid NFL quarterback after Shockey went down to injury. If the Shockey deal was a trade for a franchise quarterback playing to his ability for the next 10 years and this past season's Super Bowl victory then I will be glad to accept that trade.

This still leaves me with a useless jersey and a void of missing one of my favorite players on my favorite team. I am not going to lie I enjoyed Shockey's antics. I love how much he pissed off opposing fans. He is a player you want on your team and hate him with anyone else. If I could hang out with him in a bar or go on a fishing trip I'd do it in a minute.

So what is a fan to do when his favorite team and favorite player part ways? How do you end a sports bromance?

Here are a couple suggestions to help a fan heal:

1.) Remember the bad times- Remind yourself why he is gone. With Shockey, pick one of the easy drops. All those games he dropped an easy 1st down conversion then looked at his hands and slapped them together, smiled and jogged back to the huddle. Google the player's name and reminisce about every crushing loss the player had something to do with. Error, not hitting in the clutch, missing an open net, a terrible foul or anything that led to a terrible loss or wasted season.

2.) Be an adult- Don't call the fans of his new team and talk crap about him. It just makes you look bad.

3.) Write down how you feel- Like, in a blog. They seem to be all the rage.

4.) Pretend he doesn't exist- Get rid of the jerseys, pictures, posters (posters? really? are you seven?) lifesized cutouts and junk them all. When friends bring up his name pretend you've never heard of him. Refer to him as 'that guy' or 'a different time in my life.'

5.) No revenge sex- Don't sleep with his best friend or sworn enemy. You are better than that.

6.) Wish him well- Be the bigger person. Follow his stats and career and when friends discuss give him a 'good for him' and 'I only wanted him to be successful.'

7.) Rebounds never work- Don't put to much hope on the new guy. Take your time and ease into a new sports relationship. Play the field.

8.) You will meet again- It's small world and your paths will cross. Probably when his new team knocks your favorite out of the playoffs or he costs you money.

In the end, time heals all wounds. It will get better, I promise.

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