Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic-sized Bits and Pieces

  • Thank you world wide webs for introducing me to handball. Handball, (Marv Albert) YES! Where do I sign up?
  • I was going to call out the puss-in-boots French weightlifter that tucked his tail between his legs and walked away from a lift to compete for the gold as a typical Frenchmen who surrenders when the going gets tough, but then I saw the Hungarian dislocate his elbow and remembered an Internets photo of a weightlifter blowing out his anus through his leotard., screw it. Go suck a crepe, Frenchy.
  • We had a deep conversation about the efforts of the women's gymnastics team at work. We decided we liked the really tall, hot one. Turns out she is 5'3".
  • The gymnastics and diving announcers have hinted to it a few times, but GE CEO Jeffery Immelt may have had new heart-stopping devices implanted in them to stop them from elaborating, but the Chinese will pluck children out of daycare to forceably train them to become Olympic athletes. To compound that, remember you are only allowed one child in China. Sure, Americans have forceful coaches and live-through-your-children parents, but we do not send kids off to remote isles at age 3 to dive in a pool for 8 hours a day. Where is that story? Too busy hugging pandas, NBC?
  • Don't know my feelings on the whitewater kayaking event. It looks like a demonstration you would see at Dicks Sporting Goods next to the rock climbing wall.
  • Is this the normal event schedule for the Olympics or did the Chinese stack the lineup to focus on their best sports first? Could Kenya have all the distance running events first if they hosted?

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Pro-Hat Party said...

team or individual handball? I have wanted to play team handball since i first saw it on the Olympics, many years ago. Is it even an option in America? I have never met anyone that played team handball.

individual handball is just racquetball w/o a racket. if you'd like to play just let me know, i have plenty of guest passes and extra rackets.