Thursday, August 14, 2008

Footy Matt's Premier League Preview – Part III: (The) Arsenal

Today’s preview: ARSENAL

The mighty Arsenal ain't lifted a trophy in three years, which is like, forever, for the North Londoners, innit? Arsenal fans, the Gooners, have been spoiled rotten by some of the finest football teams over the last ten years. The highlight being 2003-2004 season, were they went all 38 games undefeated on the way to the title. The Gooners, like crack-addicts, just might freak the f- out if they don’t get a fix soon.

Does Arsenal have the squad to challenge for the title and Champions League? Hell yes. But what plagued them last season looks almost certain to derail their title hopes again – lack of depth. The off-season saw 3 excellent midfielders exit the squad; they have been replaced one new signing and youth academy product, with the combined age of 33. Not quite ready for prime-time. If the Gunners pick up a few injuries, they will be very vulnerable and beatable. However, when they are all fit – with Cesc Fabregas at the helm – they play the Cesciest damn football on the planet and can make it look easy to dismantle a team. But, their opponents know this and will likely kick the sh*t out of each game and by the end of the season they will be filling roster gaps with 9-year olds from the youth academy (who are probably better than 3/4s the Premier League anyway).

More than you need to know

Name: Arsenal Football Club

Nickname: The Gunners

Founded: 1888

Chairman: Peter Hill-Wood

Manager: Arsene Wenger

American-esque equivalent: Madonna. Hugely successful. Popular across the globe for producing sexy and entertaining products. Loyal fans from all walks of life. Have had recent success adding Africans to the squad. Another quick fact: like Ohio State, they refer to themselves as ‘The Arsenal’, not just ‘Arsenal’.

Look-a-Like winners:

Philippe Senderos & Michael Rappaport


Nicklas Bendtner and Eminem

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