Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic-sized Bits and Pieces

  • When the Chinese stand outside the Today Show, do they know that Al Roker is not a holographic cartoon character but a real man?
  • If the Olympics ever sets up one of those NBA Experience deals, you know where you get to measure yourself next to George Muresan, I would not try the men's vollyball station. The human wrist is not designed to stop a ball at those speeds.
  • What did Mark Spitz ever do to Sports Illustrated? Why is the media interested in wiping him out of history? Did he leave an upperdecker on the way out?

  • Russia is as fidgety as a VH1 reality contestant right now. A volleyball spike off the face could cause an international incident.
  • Matt Lauer is going to discover that he likes to sleep in.
  • If swimmers, runners, cyclists and others need to test for performance enhancers, shouldn't divers be tested for eating disorders? *cough China cough*
  • Would anyone think poorly of Wallace Spearmon if he punched Bob Neumeier in the face after he questioned him right after he lost the bronze medal from a disqualification?
  • If Jamaica is doing this well in the sprints, I can't wait to see their bobsled team.

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