Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Business Time

As we go into our Labor Day Weekend, I would like to take a brief moment to acknowledge labor. No, not the kind your mother went through for you and regrets to this day. And not even the labor done by members of this fine internet establishment. For as we know, and shall very shortly see, labor is not exactly our forte. This is not even proper time to thank you, our readership, for the labor of reading this site. No, that is a different post that will be written by someone whose major contributions to this site extend beyond dirty scrawlings in MS Paint.

Rather, I would like to take this time to honor the labor of the good folks at Yardbarker, who invited me along to rub elbows and get a chance to meet some local writers within their group of publishers. In addition to YB's own people, I hung out with the big cheese of Bugs & Cranks, as well as John from the local celtics blog Red's Army, and the guy behind the guy at Red Socks Diaries. I am sad to say I missed out on the people from Cold Hard Football Facts. I am even sadder that I missed the beer pong tourney. As YB staff can attest from a brief demonstration, the chief has a gift.

In the end what I really came away with, besides a hangover, was the fact I need snazzy business cards. When the hell did bloggers start getting really cool business cards? I tried to make one at the last minute before I went and printed it on heavy paper, but it looked like a total crime scene of color and words. The Yardbarker people had their own personal favorite sports moment on the backs of the business cards. I thought this was cool until I saw this morning that one of them had "Saturday Night, October 25th, 1986 World Series Game 6" on there. Unacceptable. I'd like to think that had I noticed the offending moment I would have stood up for Buckner and Red Sox Nation right there - but let's be honest, they were generous with their bar tab and I am very susceptible to that kind of generosity.

So this morning as I laid for an hour on Boston Common, having realized there was no way I could go directly into work, I was grateful for the work of others. More so when two office-types walked past me searching aloud for something to do tonight, one of them just pointed at me and said, "let's do whatever he did last night." For that alone, I have to give credit to the people who showed me (and my kidneys) a good time. Job well done.


Dewey Hammond said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like it was a good time.

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