Monday, August 18, 2008

Leitch makes huge career move, becomes a blogger?

I am not sure if this is a step down for former Deadspin editor Will Leitch or proof that the MSM has finally begun to embrace bloggers and hired the former king of the mountain.
BOSTON (August 18, 2008) – announced today the additions of six first-rate journalists joining its staff, along with the first upgrade to the website’s content and design. Joining editor Rob Bradford and columnist Mike Felger are a collection of top print and online journalists with excellent experience and reputations both in Boston and nationally.

Will Leitch, the founder of popular sports blog, will be joining to provide an outsider’s look at Boston sports and its fans. Leitch has authored three books, including “God Save the Fan” and is currently a contributing editor to New York Magazine.
In fact, Leitch's first blog is up today. (EDITOR'S UPDATE- check out the sidebar in Leitch's column. He is a huge fan of this very blog's founders. We are humbled.)

It's an interesting concept for a running column on a Boston radio/website but it just seems like a desperate move to pull a big name blogger and hope his legions of fans translate to page views. Of course, they made sure to hire a fan of a team they've already beaten in a World Series just a few summers ago. They can only take so much.

Another interested tidbit in the announcement is the hiring of former Globe writer Ron Borges. I am not sure if he will be doing his own column or just plagerizing everything Leitch and the rest of the new crew write.