Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Separated at Birth: Wall Street

Fredo Manning does his best Bud Fox as he poses for the cover of this month's Men's Vogue.

Come on. Who do they think they are kidding? You can't polish a turd.

Put all the fancy 80's suits on him you want. He's still a stumbling, bumbling hick, who will never be very good, will forever have his hand held by daddy, will forever be in his brother's shadow and will forever be beholden to his defense for his ring. It makes for a cute trick or treat costume though.

Is that hair gel?

(How many Giants' fans weren't jealous the Jets got Favre? Be honest.)


NYsportsGUY said...

Honestly, Living in Manhattan for the last 3 years and being heavily involved in the sports scene here, Not one Giants fan that I know of was jealous that the Jets got Favre.

In fact, most Giants fans were THRILLED that they got him because now, instead of watching the Jets putrid offense attempt to put together first downs before/after the Giants play their game, they can now watch a significantly better/entertaining Jets team.

If you think that Eli should be thankful to his defense for winning the super bowl, then you might as well say that for the 5 of the last 6 Super Bowl teams.

Here are the last 6 SB winners and whether or not the D or O was the reason why they navigated through the playoffs and won the Sb

Raven - D won
Pats - I'll give you O for 2 of the 3 (Ty Law)
Tampa - D won
Pitt - D Won
Colts- D Won, remember how bad Peyton was and how good Sanders was during that run?
Giants - D Won

I guess Peyton and Roth are also beholden to their D too

I agree with you that Eli is a huge dork though, I like making fun of him myself.

Zak said...

Most of us Giants fans don't have to be jealous, for a few reasons.

1) Favre fucked up in the overtime of the NFC title game last year, giving us a shot at the Super Bowl (saving Tynes' life).

2) We won that Super Bowl.

3) Like above, it's actually more interesting to have 2 decent teams than to have 1 suck.

4) Last year feels kinda fluky for Favre, and I can see him falling off just as easily as having a decent year.