Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cubbies Phillies Will Go All the Way

From At the request of Ernie Banks, Eddie threw together a song for the Cubs ("All the Way"). He got a pretty good live version of it at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago this August. It's now being played on Chicago radio and at the Bleacher Bars around Wrigleyville. We have decided to make the song available for download - you can get it here. There's a chance we'll also make available some hard copy CDs and we're looking into souvenir 45 singles, as well. Check back here for the latest.


Not to be outdone, the fine folks at Preston & Steve at Philly's WMMR offered their own take on the single, especially edited for our Fightins'. And, unlike Pearl Jam, theirs is free.

Audio: The Phillies Will Go All the Way

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