Friday, September 19, 2008

HHR Is Trenton

On Lalor Street, not far from the Mercer County Waterfront Park, the home of the Yankee's AA affiliate, the Trenton Thunder, I saw the following glossy, new billboard:

I had to laugh.

What are you saying, Troy?
  • You rank 327 out of 335 New Jersey high schools?
  • You're the 14th overall Most Dangerous City IN THE COUNTRY? 4th among cities with a population between 75,000 TO 99,999?
  • You're home to the violent feuding between the Sex Money Murder and the Gangster Killer Bloods factions of Bloods.
Obviously, the organization for which Vincent lends his name and image aim to combat these unfavorable distinctions.

But keep it real, Troy. Sure you grew up in Trenton's public school system, but then you went to high school at Pennsbury in PA. You then hightailed it out to the confines of Wisconsin for college - which you chose not to finish.

For over a decade, your name is always associated with charitable endeavors in the city, but what has ever come from them? Sure your heart is in the right place, but the city continues to fall deeper and deeper into despair.

No disrespect, but it may be time to give up on the philanthropy. Besides, there's a new do-gooder in town.

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Inside the Iggles said...


At least Troy Vincent is not Camden.