Friday, September 19, 2008

Iron Ref Winner Round 9

We crossed into new territory yet again with Iron Ref. After all the votes had been counted, we had a TIE between the Russianator from 3 Idiots on Sports and Mike Hayes from Steady Burn.

At one point we even had a tie after counting votes coming from after 5pm. So we did what any democratically-conscious institution would do - we kicked the decision to a small group of people behind closed doors to decide for the masses.

In this case, we asked the previous 9 winners of Iron Ref to cast their votes between the Russianator and Mike Hayes. In the end, the Russianator prevailed.

So congratulations, you idiot.

1 comment:

Russianator said...

thank you - being an idiot is pretty damn hard. Ok, no it's not.