Friday, September 19, 2008

My Fantasy Team Sucks

Not that you care, but one of my favorite things to do is to update Your Fantasy Team Sucks. It's basically a recap of a fantasy league that some HHR staff participate in, and that you'd never heard of until now. Why do I share this with you? Because it is my outlet for my fantasy rage.

Sure I could take it out on myself and spend sleepless nights second guessing everything I've done, but what does that accomplish? It feels much better to ridicule my friends, question their capacity for reasoning, and deem their wives harlots.

But there's another reason I share this with you. You need a space for your rage too. No one comes up to you at work and says, "Tell me what's wrong with your fantasy team and who's really to blame!" And if they do they are usually an annoying assclown named Chad who is burying everyone in his league. Including you. Well HHR says Screw Chad.

So start emailing the chief at angrybeers at gmail or the general HHR email with a few choice nuggets of rage at your players, team, league and we'll post 'em after the games. You want a place to vent? Now you got one.

Every week HHR wants to post what you hate about your fantasy team. Or better yet, why someone else's team sucks (like Chad's for instance). Your insecurity is powerful and your hate will give you strength. I am so totally feeling the Emperor from Star Wars right now. The Dark Side was the balls.

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