Friday, September 12, 2008

Jersey Don't Give a F*#@

Gotta love HHR's State University.

First we noted last year that at the one game we made it to against Navy, Rutgers fans felt the need to boo cadets and greet them with chants of "You Suck."

This year, we learn of the Soprano-esq underbelly of the program that, in a state with one of the worst economic situations in the countries, has circumvented public transparency by granting Coach Schiano an additional paycheck "through indirect payments that were never publicly disclosed."

We heard of stadium woes affected by "skyrocketing prices for fuel, concrete and steel."

Well, guess what football fans? We're New Jersey. We do what we want.

Getting drubbed by UNC on national TV?

Eff you.

From FanIQ: Rutgers Students Classy As Always, But Who Doesn't Want To Give ESPN The Finger Sometimes

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