Monday, September 22, 2008

Warren Sapp Sets Miami Football Back 25 Years

"The Miami Hurricanes are the beast of college football. A sports powerhouse unlike any other, they are a dynasty fueled not by indiviudals but by the aura of "the Miami Vice" - a swaggering, trash-talking, us-against-the-world mentality."

-from 'Cane Mutiny by Bruce Feldman

The University of Miami football team and alumni association worked hard to earn the reputation as a bunch of lowlife thugs. Be it crack addiction, murder raps or unprecedented on-field brawls, these reps don't come overnight.

Somewhere in America sits a man named Ray Lewis. Undoubtedly, Mr. Lewis is seething to stab Warren Sapp repeatedly in the heart with a butter knife, and most red-blooded American college football fans would find this totally justified, whether they care for the U or not.

You understand me, Sweet Tooth?

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