Monday, October 20, 2008

Assassin Ave: Is our long national nightmare finally over?

Back in 2001, the Patriots were kinda cute with who dat Tom Brady's appearance after Bledsoes's injury, the Tuck Rule and the Super Bowl win over the Rams. And who couldn't root for a team called the Patriots after 9-11? No one really felt any ownership of the LA errrr St Louis Rams anyway. The Greatest Show on Turf never rang true.

Same thing with the Red Sox. I admit it -- I found the come back against the Yankers in '04 thrilling. The team doing shots before games, making the impossible happen. It was great. I even cheered for the Sox in bars with the chief during the World Series.

Eventually though it all went sour. Cockiness always does. We began to have enough of these teams and the city as a whole. From Belichick's bad attitude to Spygate to Red Sox fans trying to gloss over the fact that their "rag-tag" team was the second highest paid in the game -- it all became fairly revolting. But it just wouldn't stop.

The glimmer of hope the Super Bowl loss gave us was stolen by the Celtics win.

But now, it seems, our long national nightmare may finally be over. First Brady's injury exposed the hubris of the Patriots organization. Really guys? A back-up who hasn't started since high school? And now the Red Sox lose to the Rays, a team that actually is what the Sox pretend to be - a loveable underdog.

It just all seems too good to be true.

So see you later Boston. Go back to the cowpaths from which you came. The rest of us are sick of you and happy to see you go.

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