Friday, October 3, 2008

Cubbie Chaser: This is the Sound of Suffering

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As you probably know, the Cubs have a theme song. It's called "Go Cubs Go," and it was written and performed by the late Steve Goodman (God rest his soul.)

I used to like that song. They played it after every win at Wrigley Field, back in the days when there were wins at Wrigley Field. Everybody in the damn place would stick around and sing together... "Hey Chicago, whaddaya say? The Cubs are going to win today." It was friggin' great.

Well, I think it's time to scrap that happy little ditty for something more appropriate. Don't you? Yes. It is definitely time.

I've always been a big Radiohead fan, so naturally, "Let Down" strikes me as a perfect choice. You wouldn't even have to change the words. They're already packed with meaning.

(Complete lyrics courtesy of

Transport, motorways and tramlines (CTA Red Line)
Starting (at Howard or 95th) and then stopping (at Addison)
Taking off and landing (for the thousands of us who live out of town and can afford both plane and game tickets)
The emptiest of feelings
Disappointed people clinging on to bottles (of Old Style, and Bud, and Goose Island...)
And when it comes it's so so disappointing

Let down and hanging around (at Murphy's, or Hi Tops, or the Cubby Bear, or in living rooms across America)
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Let down and hanging around

Shell smashed, juices flowing (at least until beer sales are cut off in the eighth inning)
Wings twitch, legs are going (at least until you reach the mile-long line for the ladies bathroom)
Don't get sentimental
It always ends up drivel (kind of like Eddie Vedder's "All the Way" feels right now)

One day I'm going to grow wings (because I'll probably have killed myself)
A chemical reaction (yes, all Cubs fans deserve to go automatically to heaven...except the ones who beat up that White Sox fan this past summer)
Hysterical and useless
Hysterical and ...

Let down and hanging around
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Let down and hanging around

Let down again
Let down again
Let down again

You know, you know where you are with
You know where you are with
Floor collapsing (yes, it's wherever you were on Thursday night, or the night of Oct. 14, 2003, or the night of Oct. 3, 1998, or whatever night a playoff collapse seemed imminent)
Floating, bouncing back (like suckers, every stinking spring)
And one day....
I am going to grow wings
A chemical reaction
Hysterical and useless
Hysterical and...

Let down and hanging around
Crushed like a bug in the ground
Let down and hanging around

Yeah, I think Thom Yorke is a closet Cubs fan. He also wrote "No Surprises." And "Sulk." Don't mind if I do.

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