Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart...uh...Hurt?

Which guest do you think do you think will get the Phillies more emotionally drained - a heroic officer or the bane of their existence for the last 15 years?

Inqy: The ceremonial first pitch will be thrown by Philadelphia Police Officer Richard Bowes, who was injured in the Sept. 23 shooting that killed Officer Patrick McDonald. Bowes will be joined by former Phillies reliever Mitch Williams, who saved 43 regular-season and three postseason games in the 1993 season.

I hope Phillie fans forgive, forget and move on. Mitch readily owns up to his role in the '93 Series.
And he makes some kickass salsa. On a side note, he had a money quote on the WIP morning show today on his watching Brad Lidge in the playoff clincher from the press box:

"Now I know why everybody hated me."

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CR Dunbar said...

I don't know why Philly hates him, but the Tasmanian Devil tattoo is a good place to start.