Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Win or Lose Tonight, Philly Taking Security Precautions's Sam Wood reports "If the Phils win tonight, increased Phila. police patrols."
If the Philadelphia Phillies defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers and clinch a World Series berth tonight, the city will have an increased police presence to handle boisterous fans.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said extra police patrols would be out in locations determined by previous Philadelphia sports championship celebrations.
In the meantime, word on the street that should the Phillies lose tonight and games return to Philadelphia, SEPTA will be taking extra security precaution by enlisting the Rock N' Roll Express, Midnight Express, Lex Express, Ryan Express and the Marrakesh Express in lieu of its Sports Express.

Go ahead. Try to jump a turnstile...

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MMayes said...

Thanks a lot. You gypped the Midnight Express. Good that you have Beautiful Bobby Eaton, but couldn't you have found a picture with Loverboy Dennis Condrey or even Sweet Stan Lane? I know Randy Rose was part of the group at one time, but Pete Best was also a Beatle and Barry Windham a Horseman, but that's not who you think of.

At least you got the right Nolan Ryan photo....Hey Speedbag, what do you think of the Ryan Express?