Monday, November 10, 2008

Iron Ref Playoffs (continue to be cont'd)

The next round of playoffs for Iron Ref is underway. See the latest round of previous victors below. Remember, only one will survive while the others will... uhhh continue to... ummm blog I guess. Isn't that what the winner is going to do as well? Our lives suck.

Scott Sargent is a co-founder/editor of Waiting For Next Year, a Cleveland-centric abode furnished with plenty of non-championship colloquium. Born and raised just outside the mid-market metropolis, Scott spends the majority of his days plugging his ears (la la la..) during LeBron James 2010 talk and counting down the days until the Indians are mathematically eliminated from the postseason. Sure, other cities may have rings and banners, but Cleveland will always have Carl Monday. Scoreboard.

Dewey Hammond is the managing editor of Yardbarker. Before his work with the Yard, Dewey's writing appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, a handful of magazines he'd rather not remember, and also Playboy. It was mostly ho-hum except for his interview with Terrell Owens, who during the Q&A proceeded to "out" Jeff Garcia. Dewey's proudest professional accomplishment is beating Joey Chestnut in a beer chug. His favorite writer is Dennis Coles. See his previous winning post HERE.

Michael Rand started RandBall in December 2006 with hopes of changing the world and saving the puppies. So far, however, he's only succeeded in using the word "redacted" a lot. See his previous winning post HERE.

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