Friday, December 19, 2008

Barkley Ignores NBA's Racial Discrepencies

As Sir Charles spent the week lamenting the College Football coaching hiring system, noting that only 4 1-A coaches are of African-American descent, he remains ominously quiet on the racial barriers in the sport in which he made his millions.

Estimates show that NBA head coaches are about 80% white. Conversely, African-Americans make up between 75-80% of NBA players.

This trend begs a few questions:
  • How are whites qualified enough to coach, but not play?
  • Are talented whites being overlooked as players simply because of their skin color?
  • Are NBA scouts and executives are judging players solely on the criteria of a player's physical ability to perform on the basketball court?
  • When, in today'sAmerica, did we find it acceptable to judge people based on their physical characteristics?
  • Why does the media ignore this blatant racism and player profiling?
Until the Commish steps in and a hiring quota is set up to better represent white players in the NBA, fundamentally sound, scrappy cauchies will continue to be passed over for African-Americans with big up-sides.

This is unacceptable.

America's white youth, like this guy (though able to box out and bounce pass with the best of them), are being institutionally denied a chance for NBA stardom.

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