Friday, December 19, 2008

HHR Hugs It Out [12.19.08]


Phoenix: Chase Field & US Airways Center (FanFoodie)

Winter Classic Zamboni Takes a Dive (Going Five Hole)

Video: Chinese People Love the Steelers (PASMP)

Raptors finally find a team they can beat on the boards (Cuzzogle)

The 10 most hated US sports franchises (Epic Carnival)

Mike Tyson and Romeo Crennel: Long Lost Brothers? (YepYep)

A record breaking season for Browns fans (Waiting for Next Year)

Christmas comes early to the Carolina Panthers' locker room (Observation Bubble)


Dear Illuminati: Moronic advice from a moron (9 to Fried)

This kid sure loves hores (Afrojacks)

One Cookie = 33 Minutes of Snowball Fighting: Burn Off Holiday Fat (The Bachelor Guy)

Let's talk about chicks man....

Hot Brazilian Girls Fight in Bikinis and Thongs (Gunaxin)

Eva Mendes gets down for Flaunt Magazine (Banned in Hollywood)

Brooke Hogan goes without a bra so nipples say hello (Celebridiot)

Babes of the Week (The World of Isaac)

Happy Birthday Alyssa Milano (MoonDog Sports)

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