Friday, December 12, 2008

Q-Tip to Leitch: Yo, What the Scenario

In a pop music review published last month by New York Magazine, Blog Crusader Will Leitch profiled Midnight Marauder Q-Tip in a piece The Ballad of Q-Tip "In which an iconic, pioneering rapper attempts a return to glory, in the shadow of his offspring."

Of the former Tribe Called Quest Frontman's new release The Renaissance, the former Deadspin editor writes:
Q-Tip’s flow on his new disc remains mellow, freewheeling, and vaguely inspirational. But it doesn’t feel relevant (e.g., the perfectly serviceable but random duet with Norah Jones). He talks about playing parties with fellow old-timer D.J. Scratch and being taken aback by how “the kids” sing along with Ice Cube and the Pharcyde. “There’s a thirst for information,” he says. But mostly, they want Kanye West.

Still, it’s West who’s winning Grammys and endorsing soft drinks, while Q-Tip is trying to warm up a hostile Knicks crowd. And now Kanye has his own album coming out, 808s & Heartbreak, that’s sure to dwarf The Renaissance.
Well, Q-Tip didn't take to kindly to Will's words and let him know so in the comments section...
"damn mr. leitch!! why are u shitting on me and dick riding kanye. seems like its an assignment you didnt want to do so why do it? you should have done a DL4 assignment or better yet a 'whatever happened to fallout shelters in a Mc Carthy era new york?' piece!!! i'm good... you??? JADED!! yes this is qtip."
Later: "oh i forgot... ASSHOLE."


Ethanator1088 said...

I have not listened to new music in quite some time, but that was CRAP! It was cool to see what Dr. Will is up to, but Qtip should be writing better lyrics, instead of leaving ranting comments.

Poncho Sinatra said...

I have to go with Tip on this one. Seriously, who has been more relevant? A performer or a blogger? I blog, but it's not a talent, it's a hobby/craft. God help anyone if they get annointed as a Talented blogger. That just means you haven't been away from your desk all day....