Monday, December 1, 2008

Wing Bowl Changes Rules: Stay home Chestnut

Photo: SI

Leave it to an eating contest to worry about fair play.

Wing Bowl, Philadelphia's annual gluttonfest, the biggest celebration of heavage and cleavage since Rome's gladiator smackdowns, "the biggest annual promotion in radio in America," will be a local-amateurs-only event once again, WIP (610 AM) sports yakker Angelo Cataldi proclaimed this morning.

Where is the human interest story? Where is the drama? Where is the reason for casual observers to pay attention for that 'Rocky-like' underdog story. Which would be more interesting; watching a major league pitcher strike out Ryan Howard or watching the guy from your fast pitch team who works as an auto mechanic try and strike out Ryan Howard (trick question, they both could). If you take away the professional eater you take away the chance of the Joe-nobody taking his crown.

Personally, this turns wing bowl from a must-see event into...well..a bunch of fat bastards eating wings as fast as possible. If I want to see that I can stick around next time my wife hosts a purse party.

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