Monday, December 1, 2008

Iron Ref: Semi Finals

The end of this year's Iron Ref is in sight. There are only three more battles left in HHR's Kitsch-en Stadium for 2008, and we think they are going to be the best ones yet. For the Semi-finals and the finals, we will have head to head competition, and we are happy to announce that we've even procured a few celebrity judges to take part.

Our judges for the Semi Finals are
  • AJ Daulerio - Editor of that Deadspin thing we've heard so much about and are meaning to check out at some point.
  • Dan Steinberg - He of the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog
  • Jeff Pearlman - Author of Boys will be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty. He is also a previous HHR interviewee.

Lady Andrea is a recent law school grad who has decided not to practice law so as to hold on to the remaining pieces of her soul. She can be found on Ladies..., Bugs & Cranks and Zap 2 It. She enjoys all things Iowa Hawkeyes and St. Louis Cardinals, her mom's cooking, bad reality TV and winning at Trivial Pursuit. She does not enjoy whiners, the Cubs, Those Guys, and people who start ignoring their fantasy teams thus allowing their opponents to walk all over them and snatch victory from Andrea's hands. See her previous two winning entries HERE and HERE.

Scott Sargent is a co-founder/editor of Waiting For Next Year, a Cleveland-centric abode furnished with plenty of non-championship colloquium. Born and raised just outside the mid-market metropolis, Scott spends the majority of his days plugging his ears (la la la..) during LeBron James 2010 talk and counting down the days until the Browns are mathematically eliminated from the postseason. Sure, other cities may have rings and banners, but Cleveland will always have Carl Monday. Scoreboard. See Scott's previous winning entries HERE and HERE.

The battle begins tomorrow.

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