Friday, January 9, 2009

Mike Quick Keeps It Real About Birds...on NY Radio

It's about time someone with Eagles ties said what needed to be said. Conveniently, he did so 80 miles up the NJ Turnpike and out of earshot of most Eagles fans, on WFAN's Boomer and Carton show.

The former Eagles star wide receiver and current radio color commentator admitted that we've seen the Eagles' offense "stink" many a times this year and that it's their defense that has gotten them as far as they did. Not just that. He finally took the franchise' brass down a peg by saying that the team "backed their way into the playoffs" and admitted that he had plans to golf in Carolina this post season but was forced to stick around and cover games.

For fans used to being forced fed talking points about the team being the "gold standard" of the NFL, it was refreshing to hear one of their own admitting that this year's squad should be grateful to be where their at and that it was of their own doing that they are.

Quick rightfully praised they play of Dawkins, Mikell and others on the defensive end for firing up the team. He was also accurate in saying that they Eagles can beat any of the remaining playoff teams, but conversely could also lose to any of them.

On a side note, he told us that the reason that Hank Baskett landed Kendra Wilkenson, who has been hanging around the Philly locker room, is because he is a "big, handsome kid" who "hangs out at the right places."

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Reverend Paul Revere said...

Quick sounds pretty dead on there.

My Sports Rumors said...

About time someone in the Philly media said it like it is. Although he'll never actually say it on radio in the city. The Eagles offense is atrocious on the road, better yet ATROCIOUS. Over the last 6 road games they've averaged just 14.6 points a game. I'm sorry that's not a HOT team like the media is making them out to be. Without the defense they would not be where they are, and last weeks score would not have looked so good in the books.

For the Eagles to win Sunday, the defense WILL HAVE TO score again. It's not a nice thought, its a MUST