Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Ultimate Iron Ref - Winner Took All

Since June, we at HHR have asked the best of the sports blogosphere to compete in our very own Kitsch-en Stadium. We took the winners into a playoff, and from there two finalists emerged. We now present the 2008 winner of HHR's Iron Ref:

Evan from Stanley Cup of Chowder. His final posting on Winner Take All clinched the trophy and extended his unbeaten streak. As you can see, he is already suffering the agony of fame and victory.

We have a special prize for Evan, which consists of a monthly column here at HHR on a subject of his own choosing, and a mystery prize that, unbeknownst to Evan (until now), we are still trying to work out. This is the kind of honor that gives and keeps giving. Like the lottery. Or scabies.

So please go over to Stanley Cup of Chowder and congratulate the guy.

Our many thanks to the multitude of contestants this year:
Chris Mottram, Lady Andrea, Dewey Hammond, Coley Ward, Chris from Blog of Hilarity, Rob Iracane, Isaac, DmtShooter, HartBrachen, Eric Gargiulo, Ethan Jaynes, Grimey, ECB, Jeff Pyatt, Joe Student, Scott Sargent, Andrew Rosin, Brian Bassett, Jarrett Carter, Jon Pyle, Michael Rand, Spencer Kyte, Ruper, Sean Leahy, Mike Hayes, The Russianator, Dr. C, Brian Powell, Evan, and Ryan Hudson. Also to our esteemed judges - AJ Daulerio, Jeff Pearlman, Matt Ufford, Dan Steinberg, and Dewey Hammond.

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