Friday, February 6, 2009

Commercial CRitic: Howie Does It

No contesting that the auto industry is feeling the full brunt of the economic recession. Workers are losing their jobs in droves in the Midwest with the Big 3 posting consistent billion dollar losses.

While thousands suffer, Howie Long is profiteering by taking all action indiscriminately from the autos, a bit of a switch hitter.

By now, you have probably seen the mocking ads by Chevrolet that sarcastically reference new features of the Ford F-150. The rough and tumble Long puts common Joes in their place for having the audacity to purchase a top of the line truck.

The premise of the ads probably rolls off the backs of the Ford Company, but it may irk them that the ads are being shot with a man that they write checks to: Howie Long.

Just a few short months ago, Ford unveiled the new F-150 on Fox NFL Sunday with Bradshaw rummaging around in the truck on set and Strahan bafooningly accompanying him. Ford has long been a sponsor of the show, and the Fox team has made special trips to Ford Field on Ford's dollar.

Simply, Howie Long is a two-timing cheat. He says ugly things about the one he has been married to for years to please his hot new thing. In the end, though, he will always come home to that steady relationship.

As a taxpayer that now owns a significant portion of these companies, I demand that Howie Long stop his whorish behavior.

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1 comment:

robb said...

so ur not very bright with American Marketing...all Ford and GM want is for u to look at their ads...and whatever it takes for them to do be it..

and please, u never hear Howie Long say anything neg. about F while on FOX NFL Sunday PreGame Show...
GM chose Howie Long for he has always owned a Suburban and while he was an LA Raider.
LA was hit with an earthquake, and Howie, Diane, and the boys all lived out of the Suburban for a few days...when GM heard this...they signed him...