Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fast Willie: Who's the Boss?

Bruce Springsteen is widely regarded as one of the greatest living rockers on the planet. (By "planet" we mean "New Jersey.")

Regardless, when asked on the Best Damn Sports Show Podcast about whether he were a Springsteen fan, Steelers running back Willie Parker admitted to never having heard of him prior to the Big Game.



BDSSP: Are you a big Springsteen fan?

Willie: Um... I never heard of him.

BDSSP: Hang on a second. You had never heard of Bruce Springsteen up until the game?

Willie: I haven't man. It's probably sad, but I haven't.

BDSSP: How about "Born In The USA"? Have you ever heard that song?

Willie: I heard that song, but I didn't know until recently he sang that. See, I had to do a little research.

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Brandon Hansen said...

Willie hadn't heard of the Arizona Cardinals until just before the game either.

Jimmy Scott said...

After Willie bought 4 Springsteen tickets on TicketsNow, he hadn't heard he was being ripped off either.