Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The A-Roid Cocktail Part I of II

Living in Boston has its advantages. You know that numbness your ankles get when you go in the ocean? We get to feel that through our whole bodies all winter. We have a subway system with little or no handicapped access. Also, once in a lifetime U2 plays a secret show 8 blocks from my house --in Somerville. Offtopic: When I told my dad I was going to move to Somerville, he rolled his eyes and thought back to the days of Whitey Bulger, sighing, "Somerville? That's where all the bodies are buried." Awesome.

Living in Boston is additionally awesome because we love sports. We even make up holidays to promote the return of a sport. What we Bostonians especially love is deep-seeded loathing of our athletic enemies; we are exceptionally conditioned for hating others (NO ONE DENIES THIS!). Take A-Rod for example (in fact take a 2x4 full of nails to his dome-piece); god we love to rip on that douchebucket.

It's not enough to jeer him at Fenway, or via email, or through his kids at school. No, we also must ensure that if he dares risk a venture to even our finest brahmin establishments, he will be mocked mercilessly. Thank you, fine cocktail purveyors of Bonfire for joining the cause.

Because of you, I am now committed to going to the Plaza for Opening Day this year. Why? Because they will be serving up my new favorite drink I have never tried: the A-ROID.

Here's what it's made of. Besides sweet delicious Yankee-hate

The A-Roid starts with a shot of El Mejor Tequila, served straight up. To give the shot a little something extra; a spicy smoky splash is served on the side in a convenient syringe…minus the needle. Inject the Performance-Enhancing Boost of Spicy Tomato “Juice” right into the shot or use it as a chaser. However you use it, come clean and acknowledge it…don’t deny it.

Enjoy The A-Roid ($11) with any of Bonfire’s new Red Sox inspired menu items. Available on opening day, April 6th, served throughout the Red Sox season.

  • Shot: El Mejor Tequila (Silver, Reposado, Anejo)
  • Performance-Enhancing Boost of Spicy Tomato “Juice”: Bonfire’s House Smoked Tomatoes, Tomato juice, Lemon juice, Tabasco sauce, JalapeƱos

The only thing they left out is the part where your cousin has to serve it to you.

Coming Soon - Part II - a review of the cocktail and my unyielding Opening Day Hangover

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