Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CR Dunbar: Missing You

Dear Sports,

There is no other way to say what I am feeling right now other than: I miss you.

I don't know what happened to tear us apart. It would be so much easier if we could point to a breaking moment where we did each other wrong so we can amend and heal this long lasting relationship. Sadly, it has been this way for two months now. Each giving the other the cold shoulder, and I am so frustrated that I finally need to say something.

I wish I could say with a genuine heart that "it's not you, it's me." Bluntly speaking though, you have not been supporting me. You have been serving me garbage every Sunday at lunch for the past month. I know you think Kobe is filling, but it puts me to sleep faster than turkey.

However, it troubles me to admit that most of the blame rests mightily around my neck. It is a burden I bear. I don't want to make excuses for the way I have been acting, but these things need to be said.

Work has been suffocating. It is probably the main reason that I have only seen your surface. I cannot not find time to see your inner beauty, get deep into your story.

And then there is family and her. She disrespects you, you can't seem to relate to her, and I am caught in the middle. You were looking good on Sunday, but I had to get out and spend time with the baby. But you knew that family was important to me going in. Without them, I might not have even met you and built this foundation.

Despite our shortcomings, I know we can make this work. We need to make it work or I will walk the streets empty, a man without a nation.

I feel the next few weeks are critical for us. It is always my favorite time of year because you spice things up. I am especially excited for our annual date on the first Saturday of May. I am preparing to make it special.

If I can't do that for you, maybe we need to consider a trial breakup for awhile.

Rest assured, I will not let that happen. I am determined to win you back and give you the commitment you deserve.

Missing you,
C.R. Dunbar

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