Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HHR Talks With McDonald's All-Americans and UNC-Bound David & Travis Wear

The McDonald’s All American Games are about more than just the Games themselves. It’s truly an experience – it’s about being a good person on and off the court, and succeeding through other avenues like giving back. In addition to McDonald’s All American Game striving to teach its players through its Advisory Council which features the likes of Alonzo Mourning, Dwight Howard and Candace Parker, the Game is played for Charity (Ronald McDonald House Charities), where most other prep games aren’t.

The Games will go down this week down in Miami, Florida. The men's game features the best of the best divided into East and West squads, takes place Wednesday night at 8pm est at the University of Miami. It airs Wednesday night on ESPN2 at 11:30pm EST.

HHR had a chance to catch up with two members of the West squad. David and Travis Wear, twins out of Huntington Beach, California (Mater Dei High School), both of whom are headed to the University of North Carolina.

David was named the Orange County Register’s player of the year and Travis was right there with him on the All-County First Team.

David Wear
Height/Weight: 6'10", 220 lbs.
Position: F
PPG: 16.2
RPG: 7.4
College: Committed to North Carolina

HuggingHaroldReynolds: What has the whole McDonald’s All-American Game experience been like thus far?

David Wear: It’s a great experience. I flew in two days ago and ever since I got here we have been running around. It’s a lot of fun. It’s really hectic hanging out with all these guys, all the media and how busy we are, the practicing, but its a lot of fun, we’re pretty busy.

HHR: What was your reaction to being named to the team?

DW: Every high school player, one of their goals is to make this team. I feel great to have this opportunity to play with some of the best, play on TV in front of everybody, and show what we got.

HHR: You were also named to the team with your brother Travis, that must be a great feeling?

DW: It was a great thing. I didn’t know we were both going to be named. I was hoping one of us would be named. That was one of our goals. When we found out we both made, it we were really excited. Some of our goals growing up were to be at the same college and to make the McDonald’s All-American team, and we have gotten to do both.

HHR: What is the process for even making this team?

DW: You get nominated, I think it is a 100 person group in each region, and then they go through process of cutting it down and narrowing it down to the final team. My coach told me about a week before that we were both selected for the west team, we were very excited.

HHR: You played with your brother in high school at Mater Dei in California, now again on this team and in the future in college how are you two different on the court?

DW: I think I’m more comfortable playing in the post, he is more comfortable putting the ball on the ground, shooting the ball, but we can both rebound and run the court so I don’t see too many other differences.

HHR: So when you two match up one on one, who usually wins?

DW: Half the time we don’t finish our games, they end up in a fight (laughs), but I’d say it would be me winning.

HHR: You are both headed to the North Carolina, how did that recruitment process work, did you bill yourselves as a package deal?

DW: We basically told everyone that we are going to the same school, we knew we wanted to go to the same school, going to separate schools was never an option. Everyone just recruited us as players they both wanted and North Carolina happened to offer both of us.

HHR: North Carolina is now headed back to the Final Four after this past weekend’s action, you must feel even better about your decision now.

DW: I’m really happy, I’m really comfortable in my decision, and maybe I’ll be in the Final Four next year.

HHR: Finally, what do you hope to take away from this whole McDonald’s All-American Game experience?

DW: Just to enjoy my last high school game, meet new people, take it all in, the whole media session, even the game being on TV, I know its an all star game, but its always good fun, I just want to enjoy my last high school game.

Travis Wear
Height/Weight: 6' 10", 230 lbs.
Position: G, F
PPG: 15
RPG: 6.4
College: Committed to North Carolina

HuggingHaroldReynolds: What has been like to be named to this team?

Travis Wear: It’s a great honor being able to come out here and play with all the good players in the country. It's a lot of fun to come out here.

HHR: You were both picked for the squad, was that a surprise at all?

TW: I think I knew, if one of us was to get it, that we would both get it. To be out here competing against guys I grew up playing against, it’s really cool.

HHR: Outside of basketball what else have you done on this trip?

TW: We went over to a Ronald McDonald house and played with the kids, and we also went over to the Sea Aquarium and got to swim with the dolphins. Actually, we haven’t really been on the court all that much.

HHR: Do you look at other great brother combos like the Griffin brothers at Oklahoma or the Lopez brothers at Stanford and how they play as you get set to enter college?

TW: No, not really. I watch them to see how they interact on the court. I don’t look it how they play they game, I like looking how they interact on the court (as brothers).

HHR: For someone that doesn’t know your game, how would you describe it?

TW: I am pretty versatile, outside and inside, good court vision, I can pass the ball very well, I can bring the ball up the court, and I just play hard all the time.

HHR: You are both headed to UNC next year, they are headed to another Final Four you have to be pretty excited about your college choice?

TW: Yeah definitely. The expectations next year will be high. They have a pretty good recruiting class coming in, and hopefully with the guys that are there we could get back to the Final Four.

HHR: Lastly, what do you take away from this whole experience of being a McDonald’s All-American?

TW: It’s an opportunity to see how you do against better competition. Also, it’s not only basketball, but charity work. It is just good to give back to the community, and just a good experience all around.

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