Thursday, March 5, 2009

Government at Work: USC Tripe

As the stock market continues its collapse by breaking below 1997 levels and oil prices creep up, the U.S. House of Representatives finds time to tackle the pressing issues on everyone's mind. Congratulating universities for their bowl wins. The latest on the docket: USC and the Rose Bowl.

The latest resolution to be voted on this week includes gems such as:
  • USC will feature 5 players in the Under Armour Senior Bowl game held in Mobile, Alabama
  • USC was invited to make an unprecedented seventh consecutive Bowl Championship Series appearance;
  • USC won an unprecedented seventh consecutive Pacific-10 (Pac-10) Conference championship
  • Coach Pete Carroll was featured on CBS's `60 Minutes', not only for his football accomplishments but for his work with `A Better L.A.', a nonprofit group consisting of a consortium of local agencies and organizations working to reduce gang violence by empowering change in individuals and communities;
  • (and throws in) under the leadership of USC's 10th president, Steven B. Sample, USC has established itself as a world-class research university, known for its leadership in the fields of communication, media, public diplomacy, the sciences, and the arts.
However, it seems that our friends over at has had its fill of long-winded resolutions as well. According to the Politico, the Bruins Nation is a bit disgusted with Rep. Diane Wilson, a UCLA grad, for introducing such a resolution and spending time securing its passage. "As retirement accounts, life savings, and home values shrink seemingly by the hour, it disgusts me that even a second is devoted in Washington to this kind of tripe." We couldn't agree more here at HHR and enjoy the video that accompanies the post.

We wish every member of Congress had the cajones of Rep. Jack Kingston, who consistently votes against resolutions honoring the University of Florida as a devote Georgia Bulldogs fan. If we could only spread that passion into voting against all of these tripe resolutions, maybe that is the change we need.

H/T Woody

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