Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HHR Hugs it Out [3.31.09]

Why Statistics Work So Much Better In Baseball Than In Basketball (NQTC)

Did Blake Griffin Receive Improper Benefits? (Sports Agent Blogs)

Great News If You’re A Sox Fan (Josh Q Public)

Charles Barkley and the TNT crew on Cops, Video (NESW Sports)

Hockey Streaker Scores Ghost Goal (Total Pro Sports)

Australian Rules Football: Where Even The Referees Will Hurt You (Sports Rubbish)

Yanks predictions for 2009 (NY Yankees Rumors)

Rihanna Has a New Squeeze? (MoonDog Sports)

Getting Our Drink On: Delirium Nocturnum (Sharapova's Thigh)

Top 10 Slang Terms of the 90s (Ice Ice Babies)

Perverted cameraman during Missouri-UCONN game (The World of Isaac)

Motorized Bar Stool Lands Area Man DUI Charge (Brahsome)

The Red Band trailer for Mutant Chronicles looks amazing (The O.B.)

The Girls of Villanova (Gunaxin)

Sarah Connor Rocking Her Bikini (The Beer Goggler)

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Bob Biscigliano said...

linked you (and voted for you in zoner sports tourney) in our dump post... Check us out and let me know what you think. Love your work. Take care.