Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lasorda, Not Web Presence, Key to Turning Around HoFer Jim Bunning's Lousy Fundraising

Senator, please show us how much money you've raised so far.

Baseball Hall of Famer and embattled US Senator Jim Bunning admitted in a conference call with Kentucky reporters that his fundraising for his 2010 re-election bid has been "lousy."

From Politico: "Bunning’s remarks aren’t likely to sit well with his party’s leadership, whom the Kentucky senator has repeatedly clashed with in recent weeks. Bunning has accused National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn of Texas of trying to stunt his fundraising."

Something else that might be stunting his fundraising is that fact that, unlike just about every politician and candidate alive from President to Dog Catcher who has been embracing the Interwebs as a social, communications and fundraising tool, Bunning doesn't even seem to have an active campaign website.

The above article mentioned a fundraiser the Senator will be holding with Dodger mascot Tommy Lasorda. I'd tell you more about the event, but best I can find on his re-election bid is a site created for his 2004 race.

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