Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting down and Derby

The Kentucky Derby prep season for all intents and purposes comes to a close this weekend. That means it's time for another round of talking points to help those that have lacked study time the opportunity to join water cooler conversations with the cool guys and pick up your future ex-wife at the bar:

  • I Want Revenge is running hotter than Vanessa Hudgens in a sun dress. You're going to have to put him in your exotics, like I would put Hudgens in my exotic (make curve motions with hands and torso).
  • Old Fashioned blew out his knee and still came in second down in Arkansas, more balls than Garnett. Too bad it cost him the Derby, but at least he didn't give his boss a heart attack.
  • If the Derby was this weekend, and I was looking to hit it big, I would hit up Fresian Fire. He has a fire and itch in his loins more potent than Lindsey Lohan.
  • Papa Clem jumped on the scene with the win in Arkansas. But, I'm concerned about his ability to handle the Derby as much as I'm concerned for the co-eds at Florida International with Isiah patrolling the sidelines.

If one of these talking points succeeds in raising your stock at the office or gets you laid, please post in the comments section thanking HHR with the tone of an Old Spice Commercial.

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