Monday, April 20, 2009

Giambi on A-Rod, the Yankee Years and the Rocket's Red Balls

Photo: GQ

After an weekend that featured an embarrassing 22-4 loss at the hands of the Cleveland Indians and saw one-time $40 million disappointing pinstriper Carl Pavano pitch 6 innings of 4 hit, 1-run ball before his bullpen gave up a controversial instant replayed homerun to Jorge Posada, another former one-time, high-priced Yank returns to the Bronx tonight.

While few, save Kevin Brown, can match the disappointment that Pavano brought to the Yankees, the December 2001 7-year, $120 million NY signing of Jason Giambi marked the end of the Yankee dynasty lead by workmanlike players such as Paul O'Neil, Bernie Williams and Scott Brosius in favor of exorbitant free agent additions which altered clubhouse chemistry and failed to produce championships while bloating the team's payroll.

That's not to say Giambi failed to produce as a Bomber, as much as to say his career there will be more notably recognized for wearing a slump-busting gold thong and his non-admittance admittance to using performing enhancing drugs, as opposed to furthering the Yankee tradition of excellence.

In a retrospective piece, Oakland's prodigal son spoke with GQ's Nate Penn, author of a 2005 profile on Giambi's steroid revelations, The Cleanup Man, just before the start of this season to talk about, among other things, Torre's book, his Yankee years (including his PED acknowledgment), his return to the A's, A-Rod, and, of course, Roger Clemens' pre-game lubing rituals:

Verducci and Torre also report that a trainer used to apply hot liniment to Roger Clemens’s testicles. Did you ever witness that?
I’ve seen some of it drip onto his balls. He lubes. I’ve never seen a guy wear more hot shit on the planet. The guy’s basically in a jock and a pair of socks and like head to toe in hot shit. That’s no bullshit.

Have you tried it yourself?
No, I would fucking cry. The stuff that he used to put on his body—even his hot tanks were like molten lava. He would get in the hot tank before the games, and it was like a cauldron. One time I put my foot in there, my skin almost fell off my foot, it was so hot.

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