Thursday, June 4, 2009

Assassin Avenue: The Pirates' Secret Revealed

As Pirate fans reel about the latest trade of the team's All-Star, HHR is proud to report it knows the secret to the Pirates' madness. The team is not the pathetic, bottom-feeder of MLB that it may appear to the untrained eye. In fact, the battling Buccos are in fact the only AAAA team in the World.

That's right, the Pirates are Quad-A. Their role is to elevate players from Triple - A and get them used to that major league curve ball and (on the road at least) major league crowds and fan bases.

Once a player appears poised to succeed in the MLB, Quad-A Pittsburgh ships them to the highest bidder in order to start training the future stars of next season.

HHR suggests that Pittsburgh fans, who take pride in their city's evolution from Steel Town to a technology leader and green city, should take equal pride in the unique role their baseball team plays in today's Major League.

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