Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buzz Bissinger Irresponsibly Speculates While Denouncing Irresponsibility in Spreading Speculation

On today's Deadcast, It’s Family Hour With A Kinder, Gentler Buzz Bissinger, Buzz addressed the Ibanez blowup, which was obviously reminicent of his Leitch showdown.

However, as Dan Levy points out to Drew, his message might be somewhat lost as it appears Buzz hasn't brushed up on his homework on the situation, and inexplicitly calls out MLB Network's All-Star personality (and this site's namesake), Harold Reynolds.

Buzz: "Harold Reynolds picks it up, and puts it up on his website. And then before you know it its all over the place. I think Reynolds was really wrong. I think it was, um you know, really sloppy on his part."

Clip via Awful Announcing:

From John Gonzalez's column in question:

There was a time when a small, regional site like MSF could write something like that and no one would notice. Not anymore. Not long after the Ibanez post went up, Hugging Harold Reynolds - a popular national blog - linked to it on its Twitter feed. And just like that, we were off. Less than an hour later, I had several e-mails in my inbox asking if I read the MSF story and whether I believe Ibanez is chemically enhanced.

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Buzz Bissinger said...

I am dumb-assed horse-----. In reading the column in the Inquirer, I saw the name Harold Reynolds glossed over it too quickly and assumed it was him instead of the Hugging Harold Reynolds blog/website/etc.
It was stupid. It was sloppy. I am not sloppy in my writing. But this is no excuse. I was irresponsible and all I can do is apologize for it.

Buzz Bissinger

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Buzz - Very stand-up of you to own up. We get tons of HR's email, and have told him as much. You're not the first or the last to make the mistake.