Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Martina Navratilova's Ex-Lover/Wife Calls Tennis Great a Hypocrite on Gay Rights

As great as Martina Navratilova was on the court, she continues to strike out on the relationship front. For the second time, Navratilova is being dragged to court by a former lover after a failed long-term relationship.

This time, however, wife Toni Layton is calling a spade a spade, nothing that Navratilova, an outspoken champion for gay rights, is hiding behind "Florida's antiquated anti same-sex laws" to prevent Layton from receiving what she feels is her fair due in the breakup.

Marti makes out she's a champion of gay rights and sees herself as an icon for the gay and lesbian community. She has publicly urged people who are gay to 'come out' and stand up for their homosexuality.'

Yet here she is, hiding behind Florida's antiquated anti same-sex laws, trying not to give me a fair deal for those eight years I was there for her at every minute of the day and night.

If I was a man, married or not, I'd be entitled to half of everything that she earned during those years together. But because I'm a woman, it seems, rather conveniently, she believes I'm entitled to next to nothing.

Marti knew that when she decided it was time to get rid of me and move on with her life. And that is why I am having to sue for a breach of our partnership.

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