Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nick Jonas Upstages Ray Leonard, Meets with Frank Drebin on Capitol Hill to Discuss Diabeetus

Nick Jonas Meets with Sgt. Frank Drebin (nee: Lautenberg) today in DC.

Despite being an Olympic gold medalist, multi-time champ and one of the greatest boxers ever, Sugar Ray Leonard can't hold a candle to "teen heartthrob Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers pop group" in the eyes of DC's elite.

Leonard, Jonas and others were in DC to testify before a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on federal funding for diabetes research.

From Politico, "VIDEO: Jonas Brother electrifies Capitol Hill":

The place was jam-packed with not just teenage girls hoping to get a peek at their crush, but also the parents of teenagers hoping to bring home a picture of their child's favorite star. So powerful was Jonas' star appeal that the crowd otherwise ignored the others stars also testifying: Mary Tyler Moore and Sugar Ray Leonard.

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Dave said...

Great Naked Gun reference but I think Frebin was a Lt.

Elizabeth said...



If only I was joking. ;)