Thursday, July 9, 2009

From The D.C. Bureau: David Cone: Don't Jerk With Sonia

If you were going before the US Senate for a possible lifetime appointment as a Supreme Court Justice, who better to have on your character witness list other than David Cone?

Here are a couple of things to look for on the day Cone-y shows up.

At what distance will Capitol Hill's notoriously promiscuous interns be restrained from Mr. Cone's presence?

“Last week three other women brought an $8.1 million suit against Mets pitcher David Cone, charging him with various sexual outrages, including masturbating in front of one of them in the Shea Stadium bullpen in 1989. This woman says that as she left the bullpen Cone told her, "You're a big baby. You're not invited to showtime anymore." Cone and his accused teammates deny the allegations. In angry support, 31 Mets players have declared they will no longer speak to the media.” (Time)

Which Senator will ask for a box of autographed baseballs?

“Cone is routinely called a leader of the Yankees. One of his boredom-breaking practical jokes has become legendary: Cone told a clubhouse kid to take a cardboard box to one of Cone's friends on a visiting team and ask the player to autograph the baseballs inside. When the player opened the box, he found not baseballs but a pile of Cone's crap.” (NY Mag)

Does Cone-y know any G-rated Sotomayor Stories?

“Try Darryl Strawberry, who's known Cone since 1987 and played beside him in the hell-raising Mets days, and there's that same playful smirk. "Naw, man," Strawberry says with a rumbling laugh. "Not many of the stories about Coney are G-rated." (NY Mag)


In an HHR exclusive, this intrepid HHR correspondent approached Judge Sotomayor to get her reaction to Cone's appearance on her witness list "Yeah," she said with a smile and a shrug, "I party."

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