Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jersey Pride: At Least We Still Have the Devils

After the Nets dropped the "New Jersey" from their away unis, prompting a NJ State Senator to propose legislation withholding funding to in-state teams who refuse to recognize the Garden State in their respective names (and threatening an "attitude readjustment), lawmakers "praised the New Jersey Devils for their state pride."

Said State Senator Joseph Vitale, "The New Jersey Devils are a class organization who have made our great state their home. And we share in the pride that the words ‘New Jersey' represents in their name."

Assembly Majority Conference Leader Joan Quigley, "I've got to hand it to the Devils for not only making New Jersey home, but doing it with pride as other teams have kicked New Jersey around, even as they benefited from support from New Jersey fans and taxpayers."

Vitale is also vocal about the large "NY" the New York Giants display on the side of their office building at New Jersey's Meadowlands, "It is my hope that the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority will feel that same level of pride and recognition that we all do by removing the ‘NY' logo from a building that real New Jerseyans have mostly paid for."


Meanwhile, Governor Jon Corzine Assemblyman Michael Doherty could evidently care less about regulating such nonsense.

Corzine: "It would be an overreaction for us to demand that they put the logos on their jerseys. Would there be an advertising value for us if they put 'New Jersey' on their jerseys? Yes."

Said Doherty, "I hope the Nets stay in New Jersey and we should not use any tax dollars to support professional sports teams regardless of whether they use New Jersey of their logo or not."

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